SteemFoods Contest Announcements

You can get detailed information about the details of the contest I organized in this week's SteemFoods Community by clicking the link below. We ensure that our users who participate in the competition earn income by voting for the content they prepare and earning Steem + SBD + TRX. Join contests in the SteemFoods Community and start earning income. To participate in competitions in the SteemFoods Community, it is enough to have a steemit account. 


This week's contest theme is "Prepare a Special Recipe for the 1st Anniversary of the SteemFoods Community!".This week, you can participate in the competition by sharing the delicious food - dessert or cocktail recipes that you will prepare at home for the 1st Anniversary of the SteemFoods Community in detail in the SteemFoods Community. This competition is very special for us compared to other competitions because we will have left behind our 1st Anniversary with you, our valued users, and we will have taken the step of our 2nd year. That's why I want you to prepare your recipes specially for the 1st Anniversary of the SteemFoods Community. We can call this our 1st Birthday, I didn't want to limit the contest to cake recipes only, but it would be great if you could enter the contest by preparing a wonderful, interesting and special cake recipe for our 1st Anniversary, but the choice is yours of course. I would like to know that if you prepare a celebratory atmosphere at home in addition to the recipe you will prepare, it will be a pleasure for us. Perhaps you can draw our attention by using small ornaments in the background of your home.