A Beginner's Guide to the                 SteemFoods Community

You can share your posts about food and cooking in SteemFoods Community. As an extra, you can participate in the contest I organize every week. You can share in detail how the meals you prepare at home are made (recipe), restaurant, cafe, food reviews, and introductions of local street food.

   What Are The Rules Of The SteemFoods Community?

The photos in the content you have prepared must belong to you, the use of copyrighted photos is strictly prohibited.

Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. I check all posts and posts that plagiarize are muted.

*  I would like to remind you that you will be muted in the SteemFoods Community if you use copyrighted photos and plagiarize despite warning.

*  Do not share your Diary game posts in the SteemFoods Community.